Submarine "Marina"

– our “Marina” submersible is a dry-type two-seater for diving and underwater navigation in coastal waters of up to 100 meters deep. The submersible can be towed fast by any motor vessel.

Submergence depth:

50 meters – operating depth;
100 meters – limiting depth.

The propulsion system

– comprises two jet-propelled sustainer motors in the stern of the submersible and one vertical hydrojet in its bow.
Each of them can generate a thrust of at least 35 kgf and has a power of 0.9 kW.

Subsurface speed:

2.8 knots when moving horizontally;
0.4 knots when moving vertically.


– a combination of on-board air regenerators, the battery and pressurized air reserve ensure the habitability of the submersible and provide the required energy.
Life support endurance is 8-12 hours for normal operation or 12-24 hours for emergencies.

Maximum subsurface range is 7-8 miles.

Ease of operation

– due to its design and dimensions, the submersible can be easily transported by road without any regulatory restrictions.
A bunk trailer or transporting cradle can be used for transportation.


length – 4.50 m;
width – 2.48 m;
height – 1.78 m.