The “Marina” submersible boasts a double-hull architecture, which offers the greatest buoyancy and a graceful streamlined form. The buoyancy ensures safe operation of the submersible for all combinations of depressurized rugged structures and reduces the draft enabling higher towing speeds.

Small displacement and focus on the convenience and safety of the submersible operation drove our selection of components.

The systems and structures were specifically designed to make their servicing easier while enhancing their reliability and safety in operation.

The submersible is designed to be simply refitted and can be easily modified to perform survey and research tasks for industrial or scientific purposes, e.g., for exploring shelves and underwater structures or for underwater operations as commissioned by the customer.

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The “Marina” submersible is made of materials and coatings that cannot cause environmental pollution even in emergencies while dry sealed electric motors and total absence of hydraulic and lubrication systems rules out pollution of the body of water through operating negligence.